Marketing Committee Meeting Agenda

Jan 3, 2017 3:30 pm at UAW

  1. Local FB events
  2. Branding and messaging
  3. Funding?
  4. Contact Media – I think we need a press release as soon as we get the platform statement out to potential coalition members. Also demand they do more balanced reporting.
  5. Film Screening –
    1. The film screening is Thursday night. Who will be there? Who can assist with the execution of this event? (Sign in tables, handouts, hospitality, etc.) I have been running ads on FB and will send out an eblast early next week. Please also encourage members of your orgs to attend so they can take the message out to the masses from there.
    2. Schedule more!
  6. Date to Visit Capitol
  7. Coalition Members
    1. KEA
    2. Status of others
  8. Allies
    1. JCTA
    2. School board – They might be willing to take a stronger stance with their platform, but their #1 concern is not having a seat at the table if they do.
    3. Jones?
    4. Celebrity Endorsement
  9. Volunteers –
    1. Tia suggested that JCTA arrange for some teachers to take paid days off to help with our coalition activities. I can’t remember what these days were called. But maybe we can look into that and pick the rally day to have them join us, in addition to some other strategic days. Let’s discuss. Tammy, can you ask Brent what he is able to offer us?
    2. District liaisons list is started
      1. Letters to editors
      2. Screenings
  10. Email campaigns – Tammy, did you get the login info for Action Network from me? What do we need to do to start working with that tool?
  11. Meme Themes
    1. Baby Talk
    2. Road Signs
    3. Myths
  12. Vests – Should I go ahead and order the crossing guard vests? Maybe we can get someone to screen print them with our logo and messaging. And I think we should get some pop ups ordered. Need to design them. Tiffany can possibly help us with that. (Tim, can you send me her email? I thought I had collected it at the previous meeting but I can’t find it.)
  13. Buttons, bumper stickers, I will work on some ideas and bring them next week. I’ll also start a draft of a marketing plan (from our last committee meeting).
  14. Focus Group – I think Bruce mentioned we should do some focus group work. Not a bad idea, but we need to hurry!
  15. Recap of Meeting with Joni
    1. Write parallel pro public school bill
    2. Postcards
    3. 50 calls to freshmen legislators
  16. Next Meeting