Templates to Email Legislators

Here is an email template that you can personalize and send to your legislators regarding the  “scholarship tax credit” bills (HB134 & SB36) which we all know are just not-so-cleverly disguised vouchers.  Use this link to e-mail all legislators and then copy & paste this template.  Don’t forget to add your own personal experiences!

——————————Beginning of Template————————————–

Dear Legislator,

As a teacher in the Kentucky public school system, I have spent most of the past few weeks wondering if I made a mistake with my career choice. I love what I do and I do so much of it for kids, not for compensation. However, I also have a family to provide for at home. I have spent most of my _____ years as an educator, trusting those that represent me in Frankfort to do what’s best for kids. That time has changed.

It started with the dismantling of public education through the depletion of funds year after year, then charter school legislation, progressed into a pension plan that stole me of a secure future, and now a proposed budget that not only robs me of health care during retirement, but most shockingly denies the children of Kentucky the education they deserve by taking away transportation, teacher training, and school supplies.

House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 36 are nothing less than a sneaky way of stealing from children. What may look like a way to provide opportunity for all children, is in reality a way for the rich to get richer and the public school system to get poorer. As shown by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy:

* A donor who gives $100,000 is taxed at the top marginal federal tax rate of 37 percent, itemizes her deductions, and still has over $10,000 in state and local tax deductions even after the tax credit reduces her state tax liability.

* She receives a $90,000 state tax credit, recouping 90 percent of her donation.

* On her federal income taxes, she claims her full $100,000 charitable deduction, reducing her federal tax liability by $37,000 (37 percent). On net, she has gained $27,000.

All while our schools get less and less funding. Though the cost of the tax break in House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 36 is capped at $25 million in the first year, $25 million was the total amount originally budgeted for the current school year for Extended School Services (programs for students who need additional instruction). The Extended School Year Services have already been all, but depleted from my school system this year. How much more can we afford to give?

How much more can our children afford to lose?

Please vote FOR our children and vote NO for House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 36.


An Educator Who’s Fighting Back

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————————End of Template ———————————-