Fully Funded Public Schools

Kentucky has never returned to funding levels prior to the recession. Save Our Schools Kentucky is opposed to any legislation or policy that would take any additional funding from our public schools. SOSKY supports fully funding public schools so that they can best serve the needs of all children who deserve equitable access to a quality public education.

Supporting research from Ky Ed Policy:

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Adjusting for inflation, Kentucky has cut higher education appropriations per student by 32 percent since 2008, nearly double the national average. This amounts to the sixth-highest cut in the country over this period, rising from 11th in the CBPP report last year. These cuts amount to $2,771 per student, which ranks the eight-highest among all states.

While most states have begun to increase inflation-adjusted higher education spending in the most recent year, Kentucky is one of 11 states that continued to cut this year, and is one of only three states to do so in each of the past two years. The two-year budget recently passed by the Kentucky General Assembly will further extend a 4.5 percent cut to higher education going forward.

More: https://insiderlouisville.com/metro/education-community/kentucky-higher-ed-budget-cuts-among-highest/

There are two lies that have been told so often that they now are taken as truth: 1) that Kentucky’s public schools (and indeed, all public schools) are “failing,” and; 2) that charter schools and “school choice” are the answer to that problem.  Neither is true.

More: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/opinion/contributors/2017/01/23/charter-schools-not-answer-kentucky/96779274/