Charter School Facts

Charter Schools:

  • Are NOT Public Schools:
    • Take Funds away from Public Schools
    • They do not have accountability to or oversight by taxpayers
  • Choose their students. Not the other way around.
  • Are often run for profit, or by non-profit arms of for profit companies
  • Can exclude or expel students that public schools cannot
  • Allow teachers without certification or higher degrees
  • Have higher teacher turnover and lower job satisfaction
  • Can be “authorized” by multiple entities that do not understand our district needs
  • Are beholden to billionaires and bureaucrats, not students and stakeholders
  • Are guided by laws written by the wealthy elite (not professional educators), who often have ZERO experience in the public school system. (Look up ALEC.)
  • Are run by outsiders who are only interested in the “safe” and “evergreen” investment that our community’s tax dollars offer
  • Are a way for some to take tax dollars away from public schools to subsidize those already attending private or religious schools
  • Are part of a PLAYBOOK to destroy public education, consisting of:
    1. Cut funding, so schools have a harder time being successful
    2. Create a false “accountability” system that labels schools as failing
    3. Privatize
  • Are no more successful than public schools, once adjusted for demographics
  • Are proven in 44 states over 25 years to lead to waste, fraud and abuse
  • Create additional bureaucracy and oversight, for no added gain
  • Are not offering anything we don’t already have. We already have school choice and innovation
  • Assume that competition will fix our schools. That could not be more wrong. Our kids are not widgets. Public schools must serve ALL students.
  • Are implementing ideas that would be better at serving all students if they could be implemented in public schools instead. Invest in our existing schools