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  • Concerns about the legislation, including reasons why legislators in OTHER counties need to consider perspectives outside their own constituents’

Talking Points on SB138, HB14 and HB18 and any “anti-CRT” or instruction censoring bills:

  • These bills are a solution looking for a problem, since CRT is not even taught in public schools. We have REAL problems that need to be addressed instead.
  • This bill is unconstitutional, which will wind up being wasteful of precious time, resources and funds.
  • Our nation has a not-so-comfortable history that must be taught truthfully if we expect our learners to think critically and not make the same mistakes in their future. It wasn’t meant to be “comfortable” but DENYING people their truth is DIVISIVE.
  • We are paying attention to how they vote and we also plan to vote this November!

Talking Points on SB1:

  • Site based decision making councils create a more local representation of what is needed and currently going on at the school level. 
  • This bill will strip elected SBDM members of their ability to make decisions pertaining to leadership, curriculum and more.
  • Instead of taking power away from SBDMs, we should be strengthening them by restoring the powers that have been stripped over the years, and adding a parent and student member.

Talking Points on HB9 (Charter schools):

  • Parents, students and teachers and taxpayers have stood up against the harms that the proposed charter school legislation would cause, early and often. Continuing to push these bills over the continued objections is disrespectful.
  • Research shows that charter schools siphon resources and “high performing” students away from public schools, and often lead to waste, corruption, fraud, lack of transparency and abuse, with ZERO improvement in outcomes.
  • The groups pushing the charter school legislation we are seeing in Kentucky have ties to ALEC, the Koch Brothers and even Trump insurrectionists. They are outsiders and predators who want to siphon away more scarce resources at the expense of Kentuckians, not help our children. They must be stopped!
  • The Constitution of Kentucky states that we have an obligation to create a system of common schools. Furthermore, taxpayer monies should not be used to fund religious indoctrination or schools that discriminate. These bills do not protect against either of these.

Talking Points on HB63:

  • This bill is overreaching and takes local control away from our elected leaders.
  • This bill specifically targets JCPS and will force Jefferson County taxes to go up.
  • Our district serves a high minority, high trauma population, and having armed police in their schools adds to their trauma and feeds the pipeline to prison
  • Our community has spoken and we want all available resources to go toward front-end supports that nurture and educate our children, not reactionary, costly, punitive, back-end measures. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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