Coalition to Save Our Schools

In December, twenty-two organizations participated in coalition building meetings regarding how to protect Kentucky public schools from pending charter school legislation.

The coalition’s draft position statement, which was democratically constructed through a series of discussions and procedures, reads as follows:

The SOSKY coalition opposes charter schools because they are a threat to public education in Kentucky. Where charter schools are allowed, public schools suffer, taxpayers are swindled, and students are worse off. And we have 25 years of evidence to prove it.

As organizations sign on to support this position statement at their upcoming meetings, their logos are added here.  The coalition and its membership are growing fast. We have a dozen or so chapters made up of more than 200 individuals from across the state. If your organization would like more information about joining the coalition to save public education in Kentucky, please call Gay Adelmann at (502) 565-8(three)97.