Stop HB5!

Link to Bill Details on the LRC Website: Bill Sponsors: M. Meredith, D. Osborne, L. Bechler, D. Bentley, A. Bowling, J. Branscum, R. Bridges, D. Fister, D. Frazier, R. Goforth, D. Hale, M. Hart, R. Heath, T. Huff, A. Koenig, D. Lewis, C. Massey, C. McCoy, D. Meade , S. Miles, J. Miller, P. Pratt, M. Prunty, B. Reed, S. Rudy, S. Santoro, S. Sharp, S. Sheldon, N. Tate, W. Thomas, J. Tipton, K. Upchurch, B. Wesley House Bill 5 would prohibit Kentucky's governor from reorganizing boards and commissions. Could it be that they are still bitter about Beshear's decision to remove his unpopular predecessors' 11-member Board of Education immediately after assuming office, which in turn resulted the resignation of their unqualified pick for Commissioner with undeniable…

Senators, Please!?!

On Tuesday, March 16, not one, not two, but at least THREE JCTA-endorsed House