Our Book Drive for Eastern Kentucky schools that were damaged by recent floods has been a huge success! Our volunteers spent countless hours making sure all 12 Highland Cleaners locations had frequent visits and donated books were removed from their lobbies in a timely fashion. Other volunteers stored books in garages, living rooms and front porches. We paid for posters, tubs, flyers, renting a UHaul and gas money. Our “book ban caravan” send off event involves readings from local authors, danishes and hot chocolate, book giveaways and more. We are asking the community to help us replenish those expenses so we can continue this important event every year. Won’t you consider making a contribution?


Save Our Schools KY (SOS-KY) is registered with the state as a non-profit corporation. Due to the advocacy nature of our organizations, donations or subscriptions made directly to Save Our Schools KY are not tax deductible. To make a donation via PayPal, please click on the donate button above.

Alternatively, you can mail a check to
Save Our Schools KY
9111 Hurstwood Ct.
Louisville, KY 40222.

SOS-KY was formed to further the efforts of the many volunteers who make up Dear JCPS and other pro-education advocacy groups in the state. Your donation enables our organization to work to ensure that all Kentucky children have access to a high-quality public education. SOS-KY is operated strictly by efforts of volunteers, and many of the expenses have been paid from our own pockets. Help us fund the things that are necessary in order to get our work done.

Be a sponsor of a particular action by donating a specific amount. 

$120 – Annual Email Subscription to Action Network

$46 – Roll of Stamps

$20 – 100 Postcards

$30 – 50 Color Flyer Copies

$50 – Banners

$100 – Social Media Advertisements

$300 – Send an advocate to national conference

$150 – Organizer starter kit (include your address and shirt size in the notes and we will mail you a kit, which includes a t-shirt and information on how to sign on to our organizer movement)

$3,000 Insurance

Won’t you consider making a donation and making it possible for our organization to continue in its mission? Thank you!