Ed Reform “Playbook”

1. Cut funding:

1-5-12 — Coalition: State support for Kentucky’s public schools has fallen


2-2012 — Give KEAT some teeth: Frankfort-based funding advocacy must be echoed locally

12-2015 — School Funding in Kentucky Still Well Below 2008 Level

1-25-16 — Most States Have Cut School Funding, and Some Continue Cutting

Resulting in:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Cut programs (music, art, PE)
  • Less experienced teachers
  • Increased fees
  • Fewer elective offerings
  • Behavior and bullying problems
  • Cuts to supports and interventions, such as early childhood and remedial reading programs (which cost more down the line)
  • Less enjoyment in learning

2. Label Schools as Failing:

Inauthentic assessments:

These comparisons do not mean that either Kentucky or the U.S. has delivered on the full potential of students in any of these groups, and they do not mean that the gaps between the groups are acceptable. They do, however, mean that Kentucky schools are delivering results generally in line with the national outcomes, and our primary challenge now is to pull ahead on a consistent basis for all Kentucky students.


3. Bring in Charters to “Save the Day!” – Phase 3 of their plan is now playing out in Kentucky. We have an opportunity to avoid this detour and continue down a path of improvement and leapfrog ahead of other states who participated in this failed experiment. Won’t you tell your legislators to #StopChartersInKY?