Anti-Mask/Anti-CRT Zealots Storm Kentucky School Board Meetings

This is not unique to Kentucky, but since our organization is focused on protecting Kentucky’s public schools and exposing outsiders who seek to destabilize them, we wanted to compile a quick list of school board meetings across the state where those acting on behalf of the segregationist, predatory agenda have shown up to speak. We also want to highlight those authentic stakeholders who have stood up in favor of protecting our students and teaching accurate history, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. If we left off a board meeting in your community where science and history deniers made their presence known, please email date and district, as well as link, to

June 22 – JCPS Work Session – Speakers were not permitted, so they disrupted the meeting instead. Read the Dear JCPS blog post here.

June 28 – Oldham County Public Schools – final meeting of outgoing superintendent – 25 persons signed up to address the board

July 6 – Interim Joint Committee on Education (Frankfort)

July 26 – Oldham County Public Schools – 1st meeting with new superintendent – 19 persons wishing to address the board – most were anti mask, including a doctor who is serving as an “expert witness” in another case involving some of the same individuals, and who plans to run for school board.

July 27 – Fayette County Public Schools – Several speakers spoke for one minute each near the beginning of the agenda. Most were anti mask.

July 27 – Jefferson County Public Schools – Following a pro-CRT press conference held by the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, more than 40 persons signed up to address the board. Half spoke near the beginning of the agenda and the rest at the end. Most were anti-mask and anti-CRT. Watch the Save Our Schools with Dear JCPS podcast, part 1, here:

A second part of the meeting, featuring those who spoke against CRT and against masks, as well as community response, will be published as a Part 2 in the near future. Please follow our YouTube channel to receive a notification when it has been published. If you have information on any of those who appear to be regular or outspoken representatives of those in denial, please email

Aug 3 – Interim Joint Committee on Education (Charter Schools and Vouchers back on the agenda)

Aug 17 – JCPS School Board Meeting is 6 PM at Central High School

Click here for a link to upcoming School Board Meetings and other events or direct actions. Email to add a meeting near you that we have missed.