The Charter School Vultures Are Circling

Keep your children indoors! The Kentucky Department of Education recently released the proposed regulations for charter schools. What no one’s reported yet is that the vultures are already starting to circle to see if they can kill some of the very reasonable regulations. Among The KDE proposals are that charter schools meet performance standards, including test scores, graduation rates and promotion rates; that those applying to run Kentucky charters reveal performance, finances and any closings of charters they’ve run in other states; and that authorizers — school boards and/or the mayors of Louisville and Lexington…

Well Kept Secrets Regarding the Pension Crisis in Kentucky

Edward Seidle is hailed as hero in Rhode Island for uncovering corruption, however, his findings from 2013 and 2014 gained no traction in Kentucky. Why is that?   Especially considering national news picked it up: Maybe there was something in this report that would have disrupted their ability to solicit funding from Wall Street?