Rally Organizing Committee Updates

Hey guys,

Lots of info, so please read carefully!

I am adding a section on the SOSKY website where we will warehouse all of the public info regarding the rally. Please check here for the latest co-sponsor and exhibitor agreements, ticket purchasing link, schedule of events, press release, etc.

http://Rally.SaveOurSchoolsKY.org or www.SaveOurSchoolsKY.org/Rally (either one goes to the same place, so use whichever is easier to remember).

I am really having a hard time with my back pain and could use everyone’s help to get flyers and posters distributed this weekend (or as soon as you’re able).

Please stop by the office at Diversified Promotions (3231 Ruckriegel Pkwy, Suite 111) to pick up some materials or let me know where to drop off a stash for you. I’ll have them ready later this afternoon.

Tickets will be printed next week so we’ve got to get counts for each of our co-sponsors, and that is done once they complete the co-sponsor agreement. Please help me follow up with co-sponsors, vendors, candidates and exhibitors. The forms they need to complete are on the website above. If we haven’t received a form, we won’t know to set up a table for them. Co-sponsors who have a signed agreement still need to complete the exhibitor form, in addition to the agreement. Forms can be emailed back to rally@saveourschoolsky.org.

I still need organizers and volunteers to step up. If you are taking the lead on something, please let me know, because I feel like I’m still overseeing more than I can handle and something is going to fall thru the cracks!

Areas where I have leaders and/or still need leaders to step up and take some of these tasks off me are:

  • Co-sponsors (collect agreements, make sure both sides are committed and fulfilling their agreement)
  • Exhibitors
    • Vendors (Gin)
    • Candidates
    • Co-Sponsor (table only)
    • Food Trucks (Karin)
  • Entertainment
    • Emcee (Check in with Hannah – Gin)
    • Mic (Sharon?)
  • Promotions
  • Transportation
    • Jaribou – arrives 11:45 am on Southwest
    • Diane – arrives 3:09 on American (Bruce is picking her up from the airport)
    • Jitu – TBD
    • Sue (LWV is arranging her schedule)
    • Storage (need persons with a truck to haul tables and materials from DP to Central around 4:00 pm on Oct. 17)
  • Parking Lot Attendants (Chris Harmer has 3 folks on this task)
  • Signage – hang signs the day of the event
  • Ushers (MOMS is sending quite a few volunteers but someone needs to oversee and train them)
  • Ticketing/WILL CALL/VIP Passes (Lynn will serve as cashier, still need a few folks on will call and check in table, need to be trained ahead of time)
  • Main Event –
    • Speakers – Sarah is keeping the mainstage on schedule the night of the event, but need more volunteers
    • Pastor to join Sharon Felton on stage (Tia or Sharon?)
  • “Wranglers” – escorts the VIPs and manages flow in and out of restricted areas
  • I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but I wanted to get this out there ASAP so we can tweak it.

We will have another walk thru at Central next Thursday (one week out) and one on Wednesday the 17th for a dress rehearsal and to do a final check on equipment, etc. Both will be at 4:30 PM or whenever you can get there.

Share the event in all of your channels. Talk to co-sponsoring organizations about sharing it in theirs. WE HAVE TO RAISE AWARENESS and we don’t have any money for ads!!