We Warned Them Charters Were Bad

Below is a list of “red light” incumbent candidates who voted for charter schools in 2017. We warned them if they voted for charter schools, which would take funding away from public schools, we would do everything we could to make sure they are voted out. Please help us keep our promises by voting for their opponents, listed to the right.

NEW! Pro-public education candidates who have also taken our pledge to support public schools have a “green light” next to their name. If you are a candidate and wish to be added to our list, please sign our pledge.

District Vote Out Incumbents Who Voted
for Charters in 2017 (HB520)
Instead, Vote For
1 Steven Rudy  Desiree Owen
2 Richard  Heath (SPONSOR)  Charlotte Goddard
4 Lynn  Bechler Abigail Barnes
8 Walker Thomas Jeffery Taylor
9 Myron Dossett William Coleman
12 Jim Gooch, Jr. Bruce Kunze
13 DJ  Johnson Jim Glenn
15 Melinda Prunty Brent Yonts
16 Jason Petrie Robert Nelson – WRITE IN
18 Tim  Moore Donielle Lovell
19 Michael Meredith Bill Fishback
21 Bart  Rowland Jarrett Cox
23 Steve  Riley LaToya Drake
24 Brandon  Reed Terry Mills
25 Jim  DuPlessis Tom Williamson
26 Russell  Webber Scott Matthew Hrebicik
29 Kevin  Bratcher Ronel A. Brown
32 Phil  Moffett Tina Bojanowski
33 Jason Nemes Rob Walker
36 Jerry Miller Maurice Sweeney
45 Stan  Lee Josh Hicks
48 Ken  Fleming Maria Sorolis
50 Chad  McCoy James DeWeese
51 John ‘Bam’ Carney (SPONSOR) Richard Steele – WRITE IN
52 Kenneth Upchurch Dean Sumpter
53 James Tipton Dustin Burley
54 Daniel Elliott Lydia Coffey – WRITE IN
55 Kim King Cathy Carter
58 Rob  Rothenburger Bobby Lacer
59 David Osborne Diane Seaman
60 Sal Santoro Jesse Parks
62 Phillip Pratt Jennifer Urie
63 Diane St. Onge Josh Blair
64 Kim  Moser Larry Varney
68 Joe Fischer Jason Kilmer
69 Adam  Koenig Col Owens
78 Mark Hart Greg Coulson
80 David  Meade Unopposed
82 Regina  Bunch  Huff Stefanie Kingsley
83 Jeff Hoover Unopposed
85 Tommy Turner Mona Hampton-Eldridge
91 Toby Herald Cluster Howard
98 Danny Bentley R. B. McKenzie
2 Danny  Carroll Julie Tennyson
4 Robby Mills* Dorsey Ridley
8 Matt  Castlen* Bob Glenn
12 Alice  Forgy  Kerr Paula Setser-Kissick
14 Jimmy  Higdon Stephanie Compton
16 Max Wise Nicole Britton – WRITE IN
20 Paul Hornback Dave Suetholz
26 Ernie Harris  Jr. Karen Berg
28 Ralph Alvarado Denise Gray
32 Mike  Wilson Jeanie Smith
34 Jared Carpenter Susan Byrne Haddix
36 Julie  Raque  Adams Sheri Donahue
38 Dan  ‘Malano’  Seum Andrew Bailey – WRITE IN
*Record from House Term


Signed the Save Our Schools KY Pledge to support responsible public education legislation.

Vote History from VoteSmart.org.

Candidates tied to legislation sponsored by ALEC and the Kochs.