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Save Our Schools KY is a Frankfort-facing grassroots public education advocacy group that seeks to stay informed of impending actions and legislation that could impact our public schools, to provide feedback to legislators that will result in legislation that is positive for public education, and to protect our public schools from unscrupulous attacks by privatizers and billionaires. 

The playbook has already been written! Defund schools, test and punish, raise class sizes, close schools, blame teachers, and bring in privatizers and charters to save the day! Sound familiar?

It is already being played out in many other urban districts such as Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Boston. Kentucky is still late to the privatization game, but legislation is currently being drafted that will allow charters. If we act now, we still have a chance to make sure any legislation drafted is what’s in the best interest of all students and all schools.

How can you help?
Spread the word! Help us get others to sign up for our emails and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Donate! Our fiscal sponsor, Parents Across America, is helping us with grants and donations until our 501(c)3 is established. Funds raised will go towards copies, signage, literature, marketing and more.

Become a Member! Our organization is still in its infancy. We are looking for officers, volunteers, and mobilizers to help us win this battle. The opposition is well funded and well organized. It’s going to take all of us!

Thank you!

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