I noticed in an article in Insider Louisville about emails you have received regarding charter schools. I noticed that you are quoted as saying that there should be civil discourse. Have you forgotten the unequivocally unprofessional and down right mean insults that have come from the Governor? He has stated that he will find it successful if he “breaks the back” of [KEA]. Civil discourse should be modeled from the top, up there where you are. You are not the one in the trenches everyday loving and teaching children. If you and your boss cannot take a little tit-for-tat, then stop talking all together and help us find solutions. And by solutions I do NOT mean charter schools. They solve nothing but further dividing people who have means and those who don’t; white people and people of color; sheltered students and those who have witnessed/lived gruesome realities of life … on and on I could go. It is time, Mr. Lewis, for you and the Governor to be civil, to value public education, and empower our teachers to do the hard daily work they do!

A Kentucky Taxpayer and Voter

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