Can KY’s Senators Save US?

Kentucky’s Senators are considered the more measured and reasoned members of our state’s General Assembly. Because there are fewer of them (38 v. 100 in the House), debate is richer and deeper, their districts are larger, and their votes carry more weight. The terms they serve are four years, as opposed to two in the House, so their seats can be harder to ascend to, and as such, they are usually more seasoned and experienced. They can also be the final stop for a lot of fast moving legislation, especially legislation that involves financial implications, which must begin in the state House.

It’s a long story, of cat and mouse. But in 2019, Kentucky’s State Senators came within one vote of bringing the entire charade to a halt. But thanks to the vote of one JCTA-endorsed, “public-education friendly” Senator, one of the worst offenders in Bevin’s cabinet received the final vote an appointment to the Kentucky Board of Education. Looking at who those Senators are, I think we can get through to them again, to be the last stop and prevent any more bills from passing through their sacred Chamber.

There’s nothing we can do about House Bill 208, which was signed into law last week after a great deal of confusion, other than learn from it. Lawmakers and district leaders appear to be making backroom deals that are not representative of their rank-and-file members’ demands. Surveys are being misrepresented as “votes” and the four board members who were supportive of Dr. Pollio’s recommendations were thrown under the bus by Rep. Jerry Miller for going against him. It’s clear that someone is not telling the whole story. Let’s send a clear message to our state senators that we need their help!

Their testimonies confirmed out loud what everyone already knew. House Bill 208 is a racist bill that specifically targets JCPS. The new law could very well force fragile students to waste their few precious in-person days, or worse, force at-risk students, back into buildings to take high-stakes tests in the middle of a pandemic.

Let’s fight back! Demand KY Senators start advocating for their constituents, instead of rubber stamping whatever garbage the KY House sends them (and I use that term generously).


Bills like House Bill 258, which divide current teachers and new teachers into separate pension tiers, making it easier for lawmakers and pension schemers to further diminish the plans in future years so they can “retire” (at a fraction of their current obligation) the pension debt instead of paying it. These Senators know exactly how the pensions became underfunded during their

Another bill we must warn them about is HB563. During last Friday night’s news dump, Olivia Krauth noticed HB563 had been amended to now include education opportunity accounts or whatever the latest back-door voucher scheme is.


Breonna Taylor was a JCPS Graduate. Please join us in Frankfort and Louisville for the following events! Plans are gaining steam now! Visit to learn more about the rallies, protests and #OptOut actions that are in the process of coming together. If you are planning an event in your community, please call 502-565-8397 so we can coordinate and add your event to our calendar. All decisions on which of the coalition members’ bills and events to support are subject to final approval by the Coalition for the People’s Agenda Education Committee’s Decision-Making Council. Meetings are held Monday’s via Zoom.

Let’s start with the ridiculous Senate version of Breonna’s Law. We see you, Senator Stivers! You are a hypocrite. Here you are saying the exact opposite of what you did when you stripped Governor Beshear’s power away earlier this session. Your actions have been nothing short of a power grab and taking Breonna Taylor’s name off the #NoKnockBill that came about as a result of Breonna Taylors murder by corrupt police department, and disrespecting Attica Scott’s language adds a layer of blatant racism that is hardly lost on even those least paying attention. We need our other Senators to put Mr. Stivers in check. Because if you don’t we may just have to plan something in his district next weekend. Anyone interested in helping organize something like this, please call 502-565-8397.

Email ALL Kentucky Senators in just one click!

Tell them to vote NO on the above bills, HB258, HB563, HB211, HB312, and instead demand the House send them the bills that will actually help our most vulnerable Kentuckians during this once-in-a-lifetime devastating event for which Kentucky was ill-prepared.

Some things you might include in your email:

  • Your name
  • Zip Code
  • Role (teacher, parent, student, community member, grassroots group)
  • Concerns about the legislation, including reasons why legislators in OTHER counties need to consider perspectives outside their own constituents’

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