House Bill 309 is a bill that the Republican party in Frankfort took and manipulated for their own purposes in order to delay and derail Jefferson County’s efforts to seek accountability in their own community. The original bill, SB245 sponsored by Morgan McGarvey, was crafted with local leaders from Metro Council who were instrumental in the drafting and passing of the local policy, SB245, and contains necessary language to grant subpoena power to Louisville’s new Civilian Review Accountability Board (CRAB).

Two conniving House Representatives , Jason Nemes and Jerry Miller, frequently appear on our radars for their use of dogwhistles and rhetoric to push a white supremacist agenda, appear to be doing the bidding of the leaders of the police crime syndicate by using this bill to end-run the original bill’s intention by removing subpoena power and reinserting barriers that the local policies were intended to overcome.

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