Save Our Schools Kentucky has long advocated for a complete overhaul in how history is taught in our public schools: A comprehensive Black History should be integrated into all US History classes, so that it more accurately reflects how Kentuckians view our common past.

Unfortunately, a bill, not unlike the one that is sweeping across Republican dominated legislatures nation-wide, has been prefiled for the 2022 Kentucky General Assembly. It not only doesn’t deliver on the educational justice champions have fought long and hard for, it risks moving our state and our country backwards.

Save Our Schools Kentucky strongly opposes the bill that has been proposed in Kentucky to in its entirety. The bill is unnecessary, unconstitutional, punitive and reactionary. Most of the bill’s 12 “forbidden” concepts simply don’t happen in our public schools, or are already prohibited, and are therefore simply a dogwhistle to stir the GOP base. The few words that are buried in the legislation that could be enforced would inhibit accurate teaching of American History, as well as concepts such as bias, privilege, fragility, and colorblindness. It is a violation of free speech and will put a chill on what will be taught. It risks tying up scarce taxpayer and professional resources on unnecessary grievances, court challenges. It prioritizes white feelings over Black lives, while doing nothing to proactively address the mounting concerns facing our public schools. It criminalizes the act of liberating minds instead of empowering critical thinkers. It would take away local control and accountability from school districts, while protecting power of status quo elites, such as those affiliated with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the Koch Brothers, Tea Party, Mitch McConnell/Matt Bevin and perpetuating philosophies embraced by insurrectionists and radical right-wing groups. Those in power stifling discussion and debate to favor the oppressor is what causes division, not the teaching of concepts bills like these seek to ban. Black History Matters in Kentucky and this bill will set our Commonwealth back, not move us forward.

Statement from Save Our Schools Kentucky

Link to KY’s Proposed Bill (LRC)

Map Where Critical Race Theory is Under Attack (Ed Week)

Debating Critical Race Theory with Joe Fischer and Gerald Neal (KET Tonight)

View the lawmakers who sponsored this bill, so far:

More resources and information will be added as we organize and prepare to fight this legislation. If you’re interested in knowing how you can support, please contact us.

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