In the Northeast section of Oldham County, Kentucky, in an upscale bedroom community outside of Louisville, sits a school board seat that was recently vacated when the current occupant accepted a role in another sector. The replacement is expected to be decided in closed session by a majority vote of the remaining four board members in early September.

While the national push of right wing radicals to take over school boards intensifies, one of the candidates who has declared her candidacy for the open Oldham County seat sends up all kinds of red flags, so we wanted to bring them to your attention.

In an election that will take place in November of 2022, Dr. MC Radford is another candidate in question. She has ties to Rand Paul, whose wife was recently accused of insider trading for buying stock in COVID treatment drugs, and has even advocated against masks and in favor of these experimental drugs. Those who share her “outrage” in late-blooming advocacy groups on social media have pushed for sickouts to protest mask mandates, and against the teaching of diversity or inclusion by ginning up false fears over “critical race theory.” We also find it incredibly disconcerting that she is an “expert witness” for the emergency powers case against Governor Beshear in Boone County, the district from which Oldham County’s new superintendent hails.

These are not people who want what is best for our public schools. They are espousing a dangerous ideology that puts many of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable students at risk. Please join us in asking Oldham County school board members to acknowledge the harmful impacts these viewpoints would have on our public schools. Instead, encourage them to fill the vacancy with a representative who will add to the diverse viewpoints of Oldham County and who will represent ALL of Kentucky’s children, not just a privileged few.

Click here to send everyone on the current board an email with one click. Let them know you have concerns about the backgrounds of the individuals above. Encourage them to name someone who will represent ALL of Oldham County’s students, not just those who throw caution to the wind, ignore the concerns and real traumas of others, and put our most vulnerable community members at risk. If you are a constituent, be sure to include your address and let them know you expect them to represent you when they vote. Ask them to share their perspective and how they intend to vote because they should be able to back their answers up. If you live outside of Oldham County, please add your experiences, expertise, or other details that will help them make the most informed decisions. By copying Save Our Schools in your reply, you help us bring these concerns to light. Your responses will be kept anonymous.

Anyone who knowingly and willingly puts children in danger has no business serving on a school board!

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