It’s going to be another brutal legislative session in Frankfort, starting Jan. 2 and not ending until mid-April. Every even-numbered year is a budget year, which can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it can be very time consuming and difficult for 138 agenda-driven politicians to come up with a budget that everyone can agree on, which takes time and attention away from their efforts to sneak in harmful bills. But it can also be a curse, because instead of the 30 days they get in an odd-numbered year, there are 60 days in the session. That’s twice the amount of time for the worst of the worst to plot and scheme to come up with ways to sneak their dark-money donors’ language into any nook and cranny of bills whose sponsors will let them. The better attention we pay, the greater our chances are of forcing them back into their seedy little corners and exposing their lies when they finally do try to bring them to the floor.

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