Say “No” To 401(k)’s and “Yes” to New Revenue!

The proposed “plan” to “Save Our Pensions” is no real plan whatsoever. It merely involves abandoning the pension system in exchange for 401(k)-type plans for newer teachers. It favors the same out-of-state interests and wealthy elite who have been intent on destroying public education in the first place. It places ALL of the burden of this “solution” on the backs of state employees who have already paid into the plan, and no cost to the legislators who let this problem happen, or the community who benefited from “borrowed” funds that should have been put into these pensions to keep them solvent in the first place. It offers NO solutions that consist of finding new revenue to replace funds that were diverted from the plan all these years. This is unacceptable!

Use this link to contact all the legislators with three clicks. In your own words, or paraphrasing from below, tell them:

  • No to 401(k)s – they push the burden down to employees and employers. They’re essentially a pay cut to employees. It will harm our state’s economy in the long run. Learn from the mistakes made in West Virginia, Michigan and Alaska.
  • Find new revenue first (including decriminalizing and taxing marijuana and gambling, put legislators pensions into the pool, decrease corporate tax loopholes — it all adds up!)
  • Stop the War on Public Education – Enough is enough!!!

Contact Your Legislators!

In fact, let’s defer this decision to the regular 2018 General Assembly so it can get the time and attention it deserves, and doesn’t cost tax payers any more than we’ve already lost.

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