Governor’s Halloween Road Show

Our smooth talking, hedge fund pushing Governor has decided to take his snake-oil-laden pension bill on the road. On Halloween, no less. We think he knows he doesn’t have the votes to pass this bill in special session. If he did, he wouldn’t have to make house calls on a day when he would probably prefer to stay close to home and take selfies in a vampire costume while handing out tainted candy to unsuspecting public school children.

His first stop, at 9:30 am ET, is to pitch the bill to a friendly audience of London/Laurel County Chamber members. But this meeting is by invitation only and (as of the time of this post), at an undisclosed location. It’s unlikely he will hear much pushback since the majority of those who are most affected by his plan are 1) working during this time, and 2) not invited.

His second and final stop (that we know of) is Owensboro Chamber at 11:30 pm CT. Again, an audience of chamber members who are less likely to ask difficult questions regarding how this plan actually accomplishes the goal of keeping the promise. Because (spoiler alert), it doesn’t!

You see, this bill (and subsequent protests and objections) are not about teachers’ and other state employees’ pensions. This is about the future of the Commonwealth! This bill, like tainted Halloween candy, is toxic for public sector jobs. State employees see the writing on the wall. A mass exodus of public sector employees, from services already under tremendous amounts of pressure, means public education, public safety and other services that we all rely on will become a fraction of what they are today. This is dangerous and irresponsible. Not to mention, our economy will suffer further, when we are already one of only three states to have received the lowest rating from Moody’s and S&P. Other states that have embarked upon a 401(k)-style conversion ended up switching back. Can we not learn from mistakes of others?

Contrary to popular belief, state workers are not being self serving when they tell you this bill is all trick, no treat. They are trying to warn you — to wake you up. Because we will ALL lose if this bill passes. Teachers, police, and other government employees don’t get into their lines of work for the money. Why would you think that’s all they care about now? They care because they don’t want to see our local democracy thrown out the window as we bow down to out-of-state, special interests driven by Dark Money. Don’t take my word for it. Look up Koch Brothers and ALEC. #NowAreYouStartingToGetIt?

There are other solutions, such as finding new revenue sources, and Rep. James Kay’s proposal, that don’t automatically mean raising personal income tax. We need to be creative, yes. But that starts by having the conversation that the governor REFUSES to have. Instead, he’s creating divisive rhetoric and telling lies. Possibly for his own personal gain. We may never know, since he refuses to release his tax returns. But, for a hint, we could take a peek at the corruption enveloping other states. And just like a child’s Halloween goody bag, every piece needs to be inspected carefully before consuming.

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