The who, what, when, where, why & how of the #345Plan:

Check out our 345 Plan Resource Page.

All Certified & Classified Staff in Public Schools Throughout Kentucky

Mobilize a peaceful presence of Public Education Advocates to Frankfort during the General Assembly.

Kentucky General Assembly 2018, any day and every day (Starts Jan. 2, 2018)

Capitol Annex Hallways, Capitol/Annex Tunnel, and Capitol Rotunda


  • To advocate for full funding for public schools
  • To demand full funding for public pensions.
  • To fight against private school scholarship tax credits (school vouchers). They are coming! We must stop them!
  • To fight the funding of Charter Schools. They are NOT yet funded, let’s make sure they don’t take any money away from our already underfunded public schools!
  • To keep local education decisions local.
  • To stop Frankfort’s war on public education and teachers.


  • The 3 – Each elementary school building will mobilize 3 or more certified and/or classified educators or support staff to Frankfort for a day
  • The 4 – Each elementary/middle or middle school building will mobilize 4 or more certified and/or classified educators or support staff to Frankfort for a day
  • The 5 – Each middle/high, high, or P-12 school, will mobilize 5 or more certified and/or classified educators or support staff for a day
  • Rotations can continue in this manner, rotating classified and certified folks in each building, on as many days as necessary. For folks traveling many hours, these folks could either stay for two days or alternate driving in shifts. We realize that for the counties farther from Frankfort, they may need to make accommodations.
  • If you wanted to create zones by distance, you could coordinate the zones to arrive and depart at certain times of the day to keep a presence throughout the day but make this manageable for folks to rotate in and out.

Other ways to Stand Up for Education:

  • Plan a PD day, class field trip or day of learning.
  • Talk to your FRSCY’s about the student page program. Send a student and teacher to spend a day in Frankfort.
  • If you would like SOSKY to speak at any of your events, let us know how we can help!

Frequently asked questions:

Does this replace Wear Red for Ed?
NO! KEA will continue to host days of learning and mobilize KEA members throughout the state. This is a complimentary plan to KEA’s plan . This does not replace these efforts.

Can we still shut down districts and send buses?
Absolutely! Save Our Schools KY understands that there are over 170 districts with different challenges and shutting down schools is just not feasible for some. This plan allows for a second option for those districts.

Is this really necessary?
YES! There is a War on Public Education in Kentucky that began in the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly, with the passage of Charter Schools legislation. If we do not take a stand now, for kids, teachers, and schools, it will be too late. The time is NOW!

Can retired teachers participate?
YES! Retired Teachers are encouraged to participate in two ways…1. Serve as highly qualified Substitute teachers, allowing active teachers to mobilize 2.Car pool with previous colleagues from buildings, filling the Capitol with even more advocates!

What do we do now?

  • If you are a Superintendent, discuss an implementation plan with your principals and district leadership teams
  • If you are a Principal, discuss an implementation plan with your staff and faculty
  • If you are a teacher or classified employee, discuss with your principal what days you would like to participate in #OurDaysInFrankfort
  • If you are a district level employee, discuss with your Superintendent, Supervisor, and/or colleagues about how you would like to participate and on what days.
  • If you are a parent, ask about taking your student(s) to Frankfort and how this would be eligible for an excused absence
  • Whoever you are, #StandUpforEducation!

Keep checking back here for more details as these plans develop. If you have ideas or information you wish to share, send an email to If your district or organization would like to cosponsor any of these activities, or have us help you, also let us know.

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