In 2019, entrenched white “allied” union leaders accused some of their own members of participating in “rogue groups” and “spreading disinformation” (

First they held a press conference to denounce our advocacy. NOT the work of the privatizers, mind you. Their members and their allies. EXPLAIN THAT!

The press conference was over 40 minutes long!

Since we didn’t back down, they had one of their lackeys write this piece that told everyone why they should not sick out on the last day of 2019’s legislative session and not fight for pensions and for the profession:

“JCPS sickout: Teacher says it’s not necessary for one (

Here was my response.

This wasn’t the first time something like this happened. In June of 2018, a fellow activist, having grown frustrated with the way JCTA repeatedly moved the goal post, changed the message or trampled marginalized voices, made this post on social media while an in-person #OurJCPS meeting was taking place as privileged white voices modeled this in real time.

They have been relatively silent this go around. What did we expect when they’ve spent more energy fighting us than they ever did privatizers? It’s almost as if they’re working for dark money groups instead of those who pay for their representation. Since ALEC and McConnell’s dark money seems to have infiltrated every nook and cranny of Kentucky’s education advocacy and communication infrastructure, we sure could use some national attention on this travesty. Our primaries are May 17 and we have a lot of people we need to replace this November, including Rand Paul (Charles Booker for KY).

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