Senators, Please!?!

On Tuesday, March 16, not one, not two, but at least THREE JCTA-endorsed House

Stop HB5!

Link to Bill Details on the LRC Website: Bill Sponsors: M. Meredith, D. Osborne, L. Bechler, D. Bentley, A. Bowling, J. Branscum, R. Bridges, D. Fister, D. Frazier, R. Goforth, D. Hale, M. Hart, R. Heath, T. Huff, A. Koenig, D. Lewis, C. Massey, C. McCoy, D. Meade , S. Miles, J. Miller, P. Pratt, M. Prunty, B. Reed, S. Rudy, S. Santoro, S. Sharp, S. Sheldon, N. Tate, W. Thomas, J. Tipton, K. Upchurch, B. Wesley House Bill 5 would prohibit Kentucky's governor from reorganizing boards and commissions. Could it be that they are still bitter about Beshear's decision to remove his unpopular predecessors' 11-member Board of Education immediately after assuming office, which in turn resulted the resignation of their unqualified pick for Commissioner with undeniable…